Supernova Introduces The Stormherald

Supernova Introduces The Stormherald news header

Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game for PC, Supernova, introduces their latest commander to the lineup: The Stormherald.

The Stormherald makes a strong support commander and a valuable ally to have on the battlefield. After calling in a combat spacecraft, The Stormherald can utilize a Grapple hook to immobilize opponents and retract them back into the torrent of firepower. This mech has surprising mobility and recon superiority with the use of his Spearhead clamp. If The Stormherald is unable to escape enemy pursuers, he can activate a Force Field to reduce incoming ranged attack damage and push back nearby enemies.

Also starting today, commanders will be rotated out with nine commanders each being unlocked and free to play. Currently Aelius, Bloat, B.R.O., Legatus Karnel, Mackwell, Maxim, Talo’Thrix, The Stormherald and Velandre are in rotation. The next nine commanders will be available starting August 13.

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