Sword of Phantasia: New iOS CCG Available

Sword of Phantasia

Outfit your character in any way you see fit during an epic fantasy adventure in Sword of Phantasia! PlayNext, Inc., a leading global publisher and developer of free-to-play mobile games, has announced new events coming this week for the anime RPG that will give players the opportunity to collect and upgrade more legendary gear than ever before.

In their journey to rid the world of invading monsters, players will select from over 20 classes and travel through 10 distinct areas. By joining parties of fellow adventurers, players are encouraged to cooperate and work together to take down increasingly stronger bosses to climb the rankings. Parties that have earned the most renown by racking up boss kills are rewarded weekly with some of the rarest gear the game has to offer. To keep things fresh, new bosses and new in-game events are also introduced on a weekly basis.

This week, two events will be launching to give players new methods of character advancement. The Rose Loot Chest introduces a slew of new equipment cards to collect for a limited-time only. The Slime Hunter raid event gives players a chance to encounter additional rare slime monsters as they go about exploring the world in search of bosses. Like bosses, party members can join in the fight to help defeat slimes, which leave behind valuable materials that can easily max out an item’s level when upgrading gear.

Players can download Sword of Phantasia now from the Apple App Store

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