Tale of Pirates: Class Balance Adjustments and Free Lunch!

Since the last time we heard from the Tales of Pirates team, they’ve been busy working on two new updates; 
Class Balance Adjustments
Class balance adjustments have been a hot topic among ToP players since they were first introduced. So far the development team has made great strides toward rebalancing the classes. In the recent update, Cleric and Seal Master staffs are now classified as ranged weapons, putting their attack range on par with that of a bow minus the Miss and Critical Rate. Two Seal Master skills have also been modified. The Shadow Insignia tortures a target, causing damage every 2 sec. The damage is directly related to the level and Spirit point  differences between the Seal Master and the target. Seal of the Elder now causes dizziness in the target for 3 seconds.
Free Lunch Now Fully Integrated as an In-game Event
Having received feedback from the community about the long wait times for rewards after the Free Lunch event would end, ToP officials have decided to make it an in-game event.
The changes will make it easier to participate, and claiming rewards will no longer a problem once players can go directly to an NPC to cash in. The patch containing the revamped event is currently in testing and should be available near the end of October.
Meanwhile, ToP officials are planning a new weekend event to replace the Free Lunch. More events mean more fun for everyone.

Tales of Pirates - Free Lunch for you!

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