Tall, Dark, and Deadly: Assassin Hibachi Sneaks Her Way into LOCO

Tall, Dark, and Deadly: Assassin Hibachi Sneaks Her Way into LOCO


Burda:ic, today announced the appearance of another brand-new character, the powerful assassin Hibachi, for RTS Action MMO LOCO – Land of Chaos Online. This sultry assassin dives into the world of LOCO on a mission to restore the honor of her proud clan. 


LOCO Hibachi Concept


Hibachi is the incredibly young and talented leader of the Black Spider family, a mysterious clan of assassins known for dabbling in the occult. She earned her title at the age of 15 after negotiating the end of a century-long dispute between the Black Spider family and their rival clan, the Diojoe. This rare, peaceful era came to an abrupt end three years later while Hibachi was on her yearly retreat, with the Black Spider clan suffering a devastating attack from the notorious warrior called Gengou. Hibachi has come to the Land of Chaos with one simple goal in mind… exact a terrible revenge on the one who hurt her family and tarnished the honor of the Black Spiders.


LOCO Hibachi


Along with this latest addition to the LOCO roster, burda:ic is getting into the holiday spirit with special Christmas-themed items and maps. Every player will receive one free Christmas mission board as a gift, and more Christmas boards are available in the AP Shop for those who are really looking to celebrate. Additionally, the Ruined Arena, a popular destination for PvP enthusiasts, has been decorated for the holidays with falling snow, Christmas trees, and giant presents to hide behind while waiting to get the jump on opponents. New costumes for LaairHathy, Atin, Nosferatu, and Foxlady are also now available for anyone who wants to dress up for the occasion.


LOCO Christmas


To learn more about the deadly Hibachi, as well as all the new items available for the holiday season, visit the official LOCO – Land of Chaos Online website.

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