Tatsumaki: Land at War is back!

Tatsumaki: Land at War is back and is better than ever. We have launched a new company site which holds quite a bit of information that is updated daily. Some of the content includes: An image gallery showing off all of our new content, a download area which is filled with music with videos to come, and developer journals.

But thats not all we’ve been up to! We’ve officially launched ourselves into what we like to call ‘Beta Phase 0’, the stepping stone to some of the most basic of basics. We’ve also launched a new  http://www.eyesoute.com/apply area, in which you can apply for numerous positions. And while none of them are currently paying, you will gain the experience, satisfaction and enjoyment of helping us change the world of MMORPGs. So, whether you’re a new member looking for a game, or an old member looking for a reason to return – you’ll be happy at our new home.

Don’t forget to stop by our forums as well, for a vast community that is growing every day.

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