Temporary Suspension of the Service of GetAmped2

Temporary Suspension of the Service of GetAmped2
GetAmped2 is an exciting and refreshing MMO battle action online game. Because of the simple control that is possible by a keyboard or a game controller and the various battle modes that you have never experienced, it is easy for beginners to play and enjoyable for expert players. GetAmped2 is not just an action game but there is a whole new side to the game.
On 15th January 2010, CyberStep Communications, Inc., the subsidiary of CyberStep, Inc. informed the temporary closing of the service of GetAmped2.
Closing Date: January 31st, 23:59 (PST) 
Coming back with the renewal GetAmped2 in Spring ’10!
CyberStep has prepared some exciting events even though they are temporary closing, so that the players can enjoy and experience more of the world of GetAmped2. CyberStep hopes that the players can make full use of this experience for the restarting GetAmped2!
CyberStep hopes players will enjoy playing GetAmped2 until the end of January. In addition, CyberStep will be avaialble via the GetAmped2 Facebook Page and GetAmped2 Twitter during the conditioning period as a way of sharing future news, information with all the users.

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