Ten Years of League of Legends

Riot Kayle

So, Riot is celebrating ten years of League of Legends. That’s hard to believe, in retrospect. They’re doing quite a neat little giveaway though. Anyone who has played a match in the last few months [or plays a match within the next week] will be given Riot Kayle [and Kayle if you don’t have her], and if you already have that, you will receive a Mystery Gift. There’s also a double IP event going on this weekend, which is great to stock up for acquiring future champions as they unveil. I have to say, this is a pretty nifty idea, at least for me since I don’t think I have Riot Kayle. I might, but I’ve dumped so much into that game that it’s really hard to say at this point. . .


This gave me pause to really think. What has League of Legends done for me as a player of MOBAs, as a writer and as a person? A lot of people [myself included] deride the community as one of the worst communities on the Internet. A literal wave of rude, toxic, and generally shitty people, who are willing to throw their own games away just to ruin someone elses time. But is it really that unique? I haven’t seen it even once in SMITE, or in World of Warcraft. Sure, there are assholes in fighting games, but you rarely interact with them online other than the occasional rage message. Though it is true, I’ve never met a community of players quite as horrific as the League of Legends one, it’s also brought together some wonderful folks too. Cosplayers, fans of eSports and people who just play casually. I’ve met some of my best friends through League and made some friendships stronger, instead of them blowing into tiny bits like the more active members of the community might. Yeah, it might make me angry sometimes, and ranked is like cramming your face through a bucket full of broken glass and nails, the game still has a lot to offer and at the highest levels it is truly engaging. It’s helped me appreciate other games more too, and to reinforce what I already know, that it doesn’t hurt to be kind to someone or help them when I can. Just because ten thousand people are bastards doesn’t mean I have to be one too.

So, Happy Birthday, Riot. I’m glad to see you guys still going strong. Do you guys have any fond memories of League? Feel free to drop ’em here!

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