Terraria Patch 1.1 Coming December 1st!

Terraria Patch 1.1 Coming Soon



Re-logic, developer of Terraria, has revealed that they will be releasing their largest content update yet on December 1st! This content dubbed version 1.1 will also be available for free to all current owners of the game!



According to a recent developer post on the forums, the update will add 39 new monsters, four new bosses (check out the trailer for a preview!), three npcs, 222 new items, four armor sets, and 21 accessories!



Although specific details are being kept hush hush, players can expect a challenging experience the likes of which they never dreamed possible in the Terraria world. A new hard mode awaits those wishing to take revenge on the Guide of hell.



For those who think the weapons in game are a bit too dull as is, this patch addresses your concerns by adding randomized bonus effects that can be reforged by various npcs! There are also some new unique items coming as well so collectors be prepared to search for the best of the best! A final aesthetic touch to version 1.1 will be improved world generation technology, allowing for better lighting, better backgrounds, and even some interesting physics like flowing water!



Surprisingly enough, this is only the beginning and Re-logic promises even more content to come on December 15th as a Christmas present for their users. OnRPG will keep an eye on this and bring you more details and they become available.

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