The 2nd round of closed beta will be postponed untill 15th of August

The 2nd round closed beta of Age of Armor delayed its launch date to August 15th. Some players feel strange and wonder why Snail Game delays the date. The only reason is Snail Game wants to better the game and reduce in-game problems. The most important game problem may be the lag. The server was setup in China during the 1st round closed beta which caused lag sometimes, although Snail Game tried to move it to America. As the 1st round only last for 15 days, Snail Game had not enough time to prepare that. When the 1st round ended, on one hand, Snail Game corrected the problems of the game; on the other hand, Snail Game tried to find a good place to setup the game server in America. Now, the process is continuing, and we will do our best to provide a marvelous Age of Armor. Just wait and see!
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