The Dungeon of Dalanis Releases Its Terror Across Taborea

The Dungeon of Dalanis Releases Its Terror Across Taborea


New Group Instance Comes with the main release of Runes of Magic Chapter III


With the ‘Dungeon of Dalanis’ Frogster introduces the first new dungeon for six players to be included in the main release of Runes of Magic ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’ this May.


Deep beneath the metropolis of Dalanis, the dungeon for aristocratic criminals has lain hidden for centuries. In ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’, workers uncover a secret entrance and discover the terror that lurks within . For centuries the corrupt Prince Maxim Erekat III has used the ruins for monstrous experiments in a power struggle for the rule of the kingdom. In response to these vicious attempts, the King orders adventurer groups with character level 57 to drive the terrors of the dungeon out of the city and to eliminate the evil prince.


Maxim Erekat III himself will be the end boss in both of the instance’s two difficulty levels – a newly introduced feature in Chapter III. To fight the prince explorers need to defeat four other boss opponents, all of which are creatures from Maxim’s hideous experiments. Among these Experiment No. 203: a cross between a lion, an eagle and a snake, and Okander ‘Mad Man’ Mallen, a member of an evil band of robbers, reincarnated by means of forbidden rune magic.


For additional information on ‘The Dungeon of Dalanis’, please visit the Runes of Magic official website.


Runes of Magic Dungeons of Dalanis

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