The First Conquer European Server Is Coming!

The First Conquer European Server Is Coming!

We have noticed that there are more and more European players that have joined in our fabulous Conquer world. However, all of our Conquer servers are located in the US currently. The significant distance can cause lag to some European players. The time difference also prevents or is quite inconvenient for non-American players enjoying the pleasure of certain conquer events (such as the guild war, for example).

With the above consideration, we decided to set up the brand-new European servers! The first European server will be:
Server: Dark
Group: Elements
Location: London
Opening Time: 20:00 GMT on June 27

The new European server will adopt GMT as its server time. The server maintenance will be set at GMT 1:00a.m on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. To commemorate the event, all players in the new European server will be given a free Heaven’s Blessing for 1 month. We welcome everyone to join in our new server forum( for discussion.

European Conquer players hurry up and join in the brand-new European server to continue the legend.

I came, I saw, I conquered!

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