The Red vs Blue Competition in Myth Angels Online!

The Red vs Blue Competition in Myth Angels Online!


Earlier today, USERJOY Technology announced that a new system of Myth Angels Online, a LARGE SCALE PvP event called the Red-Blue Competition will be launched soon. The first round of Red-Blue Competition will be available on November 5th 3:00AM~4:00AM and on November 6th 13:00PM~14:00PM (PDT). Have you been waiting too long for a real fight? Want to prove you are the ONE? The answers are in the Red-Blue Competition!



Red-Blue Competition is a 250 V.S. 250 large scale PVP event in Myth Angels Online. Gamers take part as champions in ancient Greek Mythology whom are divided into two teams by Prometheus to retrieve and exterminate an evil power, the Essence of Disaster, which is released from Pandora’s Box. Besides the plenty of experience rewards to the attendees of Red-Blue Competition, the TOP 3 players on both teams will receive EXTRA rewards from the system. Intrigued? Find out at HERE


Former players who had joined the Closed Beta Test of Myth Angels Online, should go back to create a character before Nov. 9th 21:00 (PDT), you will receive a CB Souvenir Hat and 100 bottles of Regular Red and Blue Potion. On top of that you will also have the chance to win $5000 Cash by logging into the game daily.


Don’t miss your chance to win big!

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