The Secret World: Fourth Anniversary

I have a friend.


I know, I know, hear me out. I actually have a couple. But I have a friend that has been cajoling me to play The Secret World for a long time now. Poking and prodding and even blackmailing me. It never really called out to me, and since I haven’t had to review it before, I haven’t been forced to do so. Now, I’m not saying it’s awful, or terrible, or a steamy pile of shit, but it never really grabbed my attention.  However, I have to say, one of the things that can draw me to a game that I haven’t had interest in, is cool stuff, prizes, and bonus exp, things of that nature. Well, TSW is going all out and doing some pretty cool stuff that just might get me to log in!

2016 MMO Predictions

Well, they are doing some very cool stuff if it’s a game you’re interested in starting/have already gotten into. Though it doesn’t stack with AP Injectors, otherwise you get double AP! And who doesn’t love more wisdom? You can challenge all ten of the Guardians of Gaia, with three tiers of rewards [Gold, Silver, Bronze] depending on how much work you put in. Once you’ve completed all ten, there’s a never-before-seen raid awaiting you, a forty person raid to be exact! That gave me horrific, Vietnam style flashbacks to write, thinking back to the heat, and anger of Molten Core. Of being a Spellcaster that had to share his gear with every other cloth-wearer…New stuff, and a in-depth celebration, which I hope all fans of TSW get into! They put a lot of really hard work into this title over the four years of its life, and it will no doubt keep going!


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