The Warlords: The Quickest Way

1. Reach level 23 and earn Free Equipment in 10 minutes
After you create your character and log into the game, ask Ferryman to send you to Lotus Port, then open your inventory to use the “Starter’s Guide”, follow the instructions to complete the quests. By doing so, you will reach level 23 and get a full set of Equipment in 10 minutes.
2. Share Kungfu from your master
As a new player, you must often feel so depressed that you are too weak and enemies can kill you in a shot, why not find a master to protect you from being hurt. Once you have a master, you can share a lot of Kungfu from your master and become much more powerful instantly.
3. Receive bonus exp from enlightenment
Find those fellow players with “Guide” aura to guide you. You can receive this 5 times a day, thus you can gain a lot of bonus exp from being guided.
4. Fury attack and 10 times attack power
You have a fury attack skill every 5 minutes. When your fury skills toggle up for you to use, select the desired skill and right click on target enemies to use. You will notice that you have 10 times the attack power during this unleashed attack. Make full use of it to destroy as many enemies as possible, and you will be surprised by the fast leveling speed.
5. Capture the Guards to serve you
During the fury attack, you can kill rebels that have a yellow aura to capture them and make them your own guard. You are qualified to take two guards with you at the same time. These guards are not only your good companions, but also great support in combat.
To protect you from being killed by the bloodthirsty killers, both PKing and being PKed are prohibitted when you are below level 50. Remember that this rule only works in Lotus Port and Marsh. If you dare to explore other dangerous zones, you may put your life at risk.
Now you must have become an experienced adventurer and feel the way to the top of the warlords is not as long as you originally imagined. You will be an honorable warlord in the near future.
Invite your friends to join you, guide them to level up quickly and share your Kungfu with them. Of course, you will be rewarded with bonus exp for your great contributions.
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