This Just In: Paid Battletag Changes

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Today, I learned that Blizzard is putting “Paid Battletag” changes. For ten bucks, you can rename your Battletag and it will show up on all of your friends’ friends lists, provided this name meets their standards. Don’t want to be Ragachak#1434 anymore? Maybe you want to be EdgeLordDeathKiller? They’ve always had one free Battletag change, but now you can do it again and again if you have the want to. But why isn’t it free? It’s free on Steam to rename at will! Your account name doesn’t change on Steam, but you can sure rename from MMOHuts|ColtronXL to MMOHuts|DilapadatedBoat.  I know you’re asking: Why isn’t it free to do all the time on Battlenet though?

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Think about it. Gold Sellers would theoretically have even more anonymity. People could flame, troll, pitch a fit and in general be shitheels and just change their name and hide. Especially if you don’t know their account name. That’s a horrifying thought, that people could just get away with being even more awful than they already are on trade chat. You could hop on, just call people the worst things imaginable and then poof! Now you go from EdgyMcAsshole to RainbowHairedWarrior. That’s just how it would happen. So, it’s ten bucks to change your name. And I’m willing to bet that Blizzard could track what you were and what you said anyway. I think it’s a pretty cool change, but I don’t know if I’m going to really take advantage of it. But being listed as MMOHuts/OnRPG Ragachak would be pretty cool. Gotta rep your squad.

What do you think? Worth spending money on, or a stupid money-grab?

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