Top Secret: Elf Online Rare Pet Training Report

Top Secret: Elf Online Rare Pet Training Report

Many Elf Online lovers bear the same question: how to raise a best pet. No doubt that basic attribute is important for a pet, however, what helps the players most is the talent skills a pet has. The higher training level it is, the stronger skill a pet will have. But what is the fastest way to train pet skills? In other words, what is the fastest way to upgrade pet training level?

Now with the help of Elf Online player CowCow, let’s anatomize the fastest way to raise a strong pet. According to CowCow, he owns rare pet Ninja Turtle. Now the pet level is Lv34, but extraordinarily its pet training level is Lv57.

How does he achieve this? Let’s see his special way. CowCow told us that he used some mall items to help him. Firstly, he used the single monster card so that every time he would only encounter 1 monster in battle. And then he used the chicken soup which helped him to get double training exp. So every time he fights in a battle, he will get the maximum 20 training exp by killing one monster easily. Together with his hard working and persistence, he achieves the extraordinary Lv57 training level pet.

With the help of the strong skills brought by high training level, CowCow levels up easily in game.

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