TQ Digital: Announcement for Way of the Five

TQ Digital Entertainment, one of the leading Chinese online gaming companies, has officially announced that its new game: Way of the Five’s English version will be released at the early stages of 2009.

Way of the Five (http://wotf.91.com) is a turn-based MMORPG based on the stories of mythical ancient China. The game’s Chinese version is currently in its closed-Beta phase, and open-Beta will be launched at the beginning of November. Kai Xin, the Chinese version, (which means Happiness in English), has been one of the most expected games in China. Players are already going crazy to get their hands on the activation codes…

According to Ivan Ouyang, Marketing Director of this game, “In addition to our market expanding strategy, we would like to bring Way of the Five to the oversea market. This game is definitely a unique breakthrough compared to other TQ game, and a turn-based MMORPG will also supplement our current product line. Besides the graphics, players will see great improvements on quest design, group interactions, skill trees, and even the music as well.”


During the interview, Ivan also told us that starting from this coming Friday (Aug. 1st), he will gradually post more updates in the game’s official forum (http://forum.91.com/wotf/). Moreover, players can also tell him what they would like to know by replying to this thread: http://forum.91.com/topics/249/200807/27/43,1.html?time=1217224399#tip637.

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