Treasure Hunt Event Guide

Elf Online ( Treasure Hunt Event happens every wednesday, from 19h to 22h(EST – GMT-5) and if you wish to make the Dream Armors Quest or the Imaginary Armors Quest you need to participate in it. It consist in solving some easy quests to collect posters and exchange for items you’ll need later.

Signing In
To attend the event you must be at least level 20. It’s possible to attend it in a party, but everyone must be at least level 20. When you talk to Meng Da(Sunset Prairie – 1626 1222) or Wu Xiaohu(Tranquil Seacoast 1 – 867 1593) you have 3 or 4 options:

Hunt for Treasure
The first thing you have to do is choose this option. After doing it you’ll get a message informing which manager you should visit in order to get the posters you need to collect. Some error messages might show up if there’s something wrong with one of your party members.
Player X has too many posters: This means that person has to exchange his posters before visiting another manager. Let him talk to the npc to make it and then try choosing the option again.
Player X has already started a quest: This means that person choosed this option before and didn’t finish his hunt(or maybe the person was in a party that started a hunt and didn’t finish). That person might visit the appropriate manager to finish his hunt and then be able to start another hunt in a party.

If everything is ok, then no error message will be shown. A green message informing the manager you have to visit shows up. Go to that manager and do your hunt in order to be able to get back to this npc and get another hunt.

Exchange for Bullet-proof Vest
If you have 4 or more posters(obtained by finishing hunts), you might be able to exchange 4 of them for 1 bullet-proof vest. This item may protect you from mine explosions when you try to find treasures in the managers with a map(that you get sometimes). Always have at least one of this in your inventory before trying to find a treasure.

Exchange for Equipment Fortifier
If you have 15 or more posters, you might be able to exchange 15 of them for some equipment fortifiers. This item is necessary for the dream armors and imaginary armors quests and it’s the reason people do the treasure hunt event for(besides getting extra experience, of course).
If you’re a first class character(Scholar, Magician, Rover or Soldier) you may only change 15 posters for 4 Ordinary Armor Fortifiers, but if you already did the class advancement(available at level 40) you might choose between ordinary armor fortifier(same trade ratio) or exchange 15 posters for 10 Hero Armor Fortifiers.
Ordinary Armor Fortifiers are used in Dream Armors Quests and Hero Armor Fortifiers are used in Imaginary Armors Quests.
When you trade your posters for fortifiers, you might get by luck some Treasure Maps, Mines and Mad Dog Wheels.
Treasure Maps allow you to use the option Find Treasure in the managers, just check the map number and go to the corresponding manager to do that.
Mines can be landed in managers to avoid other players to get treasures; beside getting experience(and maybe some mad dog wheels) when you land the mine, you don’t get rewards when someone get caught by your mine.
Mad Dog Wheels are useful items that avoid fights with low level monsters for 10min(which is good for this event, so you don’t waste time killing sunset and tranquil seacoast monsters). Only party leader must use it.

Exchange for Magic Crystal (Available only for players who already did the class advancement)
If you have 15 or more posters, you might be able to exchange 15 of them for 6 magic crystals. This item is also necessary for the Imaginary Armors Quests, but it can be obtained from tutor quests as well, so I recomend you use your posters for the fortifiers instead.

The Managers
There are 10 managers that only show up during the event period. 5 of them are located in sunset prairie and the other 5 are in tranquil seacoast 1. Here are their locations:

Manager 1: Tranquil Seacoast 1 – 697 1008
Manager 2: Tranquil Seacoast 1 – 1711 2782
Manager 3: Tranquil Seacoast 1 – 2857 580
Manager 4: Tranquil Seacoast 1 – 3060 3357
Manager 5: Tranquil Seacoast 1 – 2439 1656
Manager 6: Sunset Prairie – 1860 2004
Manager 7: Sunset Prairie – 864 258
Manager 8: Sunset Prairie – 3702 1326
Manager 9: Sunset Prairie – 3342 2970
Manager 10: Sunset Prairie – 396 2922

When you talk to them you have 3 options:

Hunt for Treasure
When you choose this option 1 out of 2 things may happen: The manager will ask you some questions or he’ll ask you to go talk to a certain npc. If he asks questions, you have to answer them correctly in order to get the posters. Each right answer gives you one poster in the end of the questions. If he tells you to go to certain npc, accept his free teleport to the npc’s city and find that npc to start a fight. At the end of the fight you get 5 posters and maybe a mad dog wheel. After getting the posters, go back to Meng Da or Wu Xiaohu(any of them, you don’t need to choose always the same) to get another hunt.

Land Mine
If you got a mine when you exchanged your posters for fortifiers, you might land them in any manager. You get some experience and maybe some mad dog wheels when you do that, but you’re not rewarded when the mine explodes on some other player. There are 2 kinds of mines: Normal and Super Smelly. The Normal can be avoided with one bullet-proof vest, the Super Smelly can’t be avoided.

Find Treasure
If you have a Treasure Map of the corresponding manager, you might choose this option to get some prize(experience and random items, sometimes rare). I highly recomend having a bullet-proof vest in your inventory before choosing this option, ’cause if there’s a mine in the manager and you don’t have protection, you don’t get the prize.

– Always attend the event in a party as big as possible. Every team member get the same number of posters(they are not divided) and it’s easier to win the fights you eventually have to do.
– Use your mad dog wheels you get to avoid common battles, that makes you save some time and get more posters.
– Ask your friends for help when you don’t know the answer for one of the questions, they might know. Guessing an answer may make you lose a poster.
– Before choosing the Find Treasure option, make sure you have at least one bullet-proof vest in your inventory and then land a normal mine in that manager(or ask one of your friends to do so). You will lose one vest, but that’s better than having the chance of finding a Super Smelly mine and losing not only all your vests but the prize you were trying to get too.
– Exchange all your posters 20min before the end of the event(it’s announced by the system) and start going to the managers whose maps you have. When the event is over, the managers vanish and you have to wait a whole week to be able to use your map.

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