Treasure Island: New strategy game now available on JOYHUBs

A new adventure is being released by JOYHUBs. Treasure Island is a Strategy RPG that will allow players to create heroes that fight in an arena, on an adventure, and more. Players can expect to have an abundant supply of equipment sets with upgrades and an expansive, intriguing story.

It’s said that Humans were created by Mother Sara after the creation of the heavens and earth by the old gods. After many years, Armageddon arose and not even the old gods could withhold and many did not survive the destruction that occurred. As Armageddon began, Mother Sara took some of the humans on an ark to Treasure Island, the only safe place on the planet.

Treasure Island

With the help of the Wind Fiend and Water Fiend, created by Mother Sarah, they began to clean the planet. But they were not strong enough to complete the task and continued the destruction that Armageddon had started. It wasn’t until the strongest human warriors attacked the two fiends that they were able to seal them away.

Now, evil has spread again as the seal to the Wind Fiend has been destroyed. What will you do to save the kingdom of the humans on Treasure Island from evil and stop the other seal from opening?

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