Trickster Online Announces a New World

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy has recently released new content for their popular 2D fantasy MMORPG.

Trickster Online is expanding its virtual territory. Since the commercial release of the game, players have been able to create and level characters on one of two connected channels (named, Pearl and Ruby), both contained on the same World (named, Jewelia). To handle the increasing growth of the player base for Trickster Online, a new World with its own set of dedicated channels has been added. The new World is called Fantasia and the first channel on this new world is named, Dream Island. New and veteran players will be able to create characters on this new World for Trickster Online. All Accounts are able to create up to three characters at a time on either world, and any of the characters can be created and maintained on either of the two Worlds.

Since its release from Closed and Open Beta and now in its full commercial incarnation, more and more content has become available for Trickster Online. To continue this trend that has already included a website, forum redesign, the release of My Shop, My Camp, 2nd Jobs, Gacha and more, Trickster Online will be updating the massive amount of content already available on a new regular schedule. New additions to all things Trickster Online will be made now on a bi-weekly basis. This new content will be announced on the official website as well as in the Trickster Online Newsletter.

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