Trickster Online Revolution Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary in November

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that Trickster Online Revolution has recently released new content for their popular 2D fantasy MMORPG.

Trickster Online Revolution Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary in November:

Trickster Online (later re-named, Trickster Online Revolution to commemorate detailed and abundant content and design updates) was launched officially to the online playing public in November of 2006. To celebrate the one year anniversary of this flagship title that continues to garner a rapidly increasing and dedicated fanbase, Trickster Online Revolution will launch brand new “1st Anniversary” content. This new content, which will only be available for a very limited time, includes “Fake Boss Monster Hunting”, exclusive commemorative equipment sets, available through special quests given by Don Giuvanni and Hunter Girl Yuri. In addition, the celebration will also include the release of the one-week only “World Boxes” in My Shop, featuring brand new pets never before seen in Trickster Online Revolution. Each of the two possible World Boxes will feature one of eight super rare and highly limited pets for players to collect. These World Boxes will be available in My Shop for one week only.

1st Anniversary

Upcoming Additions:

November 2007 will be seeing the release of both Player Ranking statistics for in-game achievements and 3rd Jobs. The Player Rankings will track achievements such as PVP , Level, Drilling, Guild, Monster Quest, Boss Monster, Card Battle Rankings and more.

The 3rd Jobs will also offer all players a chance to further advance, develop, and personalize their characters by adding a new look and a variety of higher end skills and abilities. The release of 3rd Jobs will add a total of 17 new advancements for players, adding to the previous advancements for the Character Jobs (16) to complete a grand total of 33 specialized character advancements and configurations.

Recent Updates:

Trickster Online Revolution has recently seen many updates to increase content and improve the game play experience for all of its players. Caballa Relics, Megalopolis Forest, Poppuri, Desert Beach, Coral Beach, Pyramid Dungeons and Relics Dungeons have all received an upgrade by changing its monsters, NPCs, maps and quests. These new versions of the listed regions may differ from those previously available. In addition, a new World Map feature has also been added to the game. The functionality of the World Map will expand in upcoming patches. Please stay tuned to the website for more details. Furthermore, many NPCs have recently received upgrades. While a part of this NPC upgrade includes revised speech lines, Love Hunter Robin’s lines have been left intentionally unmodified. Many monsters within the game have also recently had their AI upgraded. Certain monsters will now use more unique and challenging tactics against players, including but not limited to use of skills.

A new Party Quest System has been added. Now, Party Quests require participation from an entire party to complete the mission in order to get substantial rewards. The very first party quest may be initiated by speaking with Officer Tera in the Paradise Monster Guild. In addition to the new Party Quests, a new stream-lined Beginner Party option has also been added for Players that are Levels 30 and below. New players will also be welcomed to Caballa Island, the home and setting of Trickster Online Revolution, by the addition of the Mighty Captain Stan! New players will also be able to participate in the recently added Tutorial Quest. This quest, which takes place at the Gate of Coral Beach, features a rookie set, complete with Young Egg pet. A new Tip System has also been implemented especially for new players. In addition to context-sensitive tips, the game will now randomly display useful tips. New players will also be able to take advantage of the newly upgraded Character Creation System.

Episodes have been added to Trickster Online Revolution. This is the first of many upcoming content releases (known as Episodes) that will allow players to further unwrap the story and mysteries behind Caballa Island and the Megalo fortune. The first episode quest may be started with Guild Clerk Esther, in Blooming Cora. New NPCs have also been added in support of the post-Revolution patches.

The Test of Strength PVP Tournament has begun. The first ever fully sanctioned PVP “Last Man Standing Event” is under way, with plans to continue the tournament on a regular basis, opening it up to new participants.

Test Of Strength PVP Event

Cherry Credits and Level Up! have been added as payment solution options, servicing players in Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil.

New Payment Solutions for Trickster Online Revolution

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