Troy Online Begins Halloween Events

Troy Online Halloween Event



Coming hot off the heels of the recently introduced Invasion War, which has the Greece and Troy factions able to invade the opponent’s capital city, ALT1 Games has announced that their Halloween event is now live for the enjoyment of all Troy Online users.




During the Halloween event, players can take part in Halloween daily quests as well as an event centered around the Headless Horseman’s Wrath. New registered users will be able to take advantage of the leveling event, while returning players will have their own special items to get.



All Troy Online users will definitely enjoy the Halloween event. Users can acquire a variety of event items like the pumpkin head, which a user can wear, as well as Halloween buff candy while they hunt special Halloween bosses.



ALT1 Games really appreciates their players and hope they take advantage of the sweet loot to be had from these various events.

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