TwelveSky 2 Launches In Turkish

MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd., begins open beta for KaraHan, a Free-to-Play, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG).
KaraHan  is the Turkish version of TwelveSky 2. Just one month after the launch of their first project, TwelveSky 2, MAYN Interactive has worked with their Turkish partners to localize and translate the game to cater to the needs of the Turkish population. Named “KaraHan “, the highly anticipated game has received good responses from the Turkish population so far.
“The launch of the Open Beta of KaraHan will be a great success!” said Young Shin, the Chief Executive Officer of MAYN Interactive. “This marks a great milestone and a remarkable achievement for the company.” Indeed, gamers from all around the world will keep their nose closer to MAYN Interactive, watching out for upcoming projects and releases.
Players can also expect to enjoy a series of events held specially for them over the coming days in celebration with the launching of Open Beta. Held by the Guest Service Representatives (Game Masters) in Turkey themselves, there are bound to be loads of fun and prizes to be won from these events. Interested parties can get more information from the forums.
Word is that there will be more EU language versions of TwelveSky 2 coming on the way. MAYN Interactive is set to carve a name for themselves on a solid ground with these projects, sounding a warning to rival competitors about its gradual emergence into the online gaming industry.
Interested parties can proceed to to sign up for a game account for free if they have not done so.
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