Warframe: Operation: Breeding Grounds is Live and Loaded


Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe‘s newest update, Operation: Breeding Grounds, is now live.

Operation: Breeding Grounds has players visiting enemy ships and attempting to destroy “hive” organisms that spawn Infested enemies – the work of adversary Corpus boss Alad V. Each ship has three Infested hives that must be demolished. Destroying them creates unintended consequences for the player – everything from unstable ship systems to Infested counter-defenses.

From now until June 26 at 12 PM EDT, Warframe players can participate in this exciting new Operation. Those who successfully complete it will receive a Breeding Grounds Badge that can be worn during gameplay, Four Dual Stat Fire Mods to trick out their Arsenal and, perhaps most exciting to Warframe players, the coveted Prova Vandal energy machete.


A customized version of the Prova, the Prova Vandal was one of two possible rewards for The Gradivus Dilemma – an event that had the enemy Corpus and Grineer factions competing for control of the Star Chart. The Prova Vandal would have been awarded to players if the Corpus faction had reigned supreme. The Grineer were victorious, however, and players were awarded with the Machete Wraith. The Prova Vandal disappeared from the Solar System – until now! This deadly melee weapon deals Electric damage and is highly effective in annihilating the Corpus.

Also available now are new Tenno Reinforcements, unlike any seen in Warframe before. The Mutalist Quanta is a bizarre union of Corpus technology and Infested biology. This automatic rifle can also deploy an irradiated airborne infested mass.  Iliac Armor, made out of Infested carapace and grafted onto the host and the new Iliac Syandana – made from living tissue – allow players to gear up with an Infested look.

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