Watchmen MMO game to be released for iPhone

WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming is an online role playing game developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is inspired by the highly anticipated WATCHMEN film released by Warner Bros. Pictures on March 6th 2009.
Explore the incredible Watchmen universe in the year 1975, where crime is rampant and average citizens take matters into their own hands. Create your own unique character and begin adventuring through the dark and gritty streets of New York City while following an original Watchmen inspired storyline through a real-time 3D world.  Discover hidden artifacts and level up your character by completing story objectives, defeating criminals and challenging other players to battle in a dynamic strategy fighting game.
* Rich real-time 3D environments with 1000’s of other player-characters in-game
* Create your own Watchmen avatar with unique look, skills, and costumes
* Battle online foes through strategic 3D combat engine
* Socialize with other online characters with in-game chat feature
* Unique player identity with persistent game-play progress and stats
* Adventure through 5 vast environments completing story objectives (Downtown, Red Light District, Cemetery, Financial District, City Park)