Wedding System in World of Kung Fu

[Shanghai, March 14, 2008] Striving in a turbulent world, even aloof and proud heroes will feel lonely. The World of Kung Fu doesn’t want to lack in the department of love, so a wedding system was developed for all the characters in the game. Whether you are a hero free from worldly cares or a hermit hiding in the remote mountains, you can get married.

First, the characters who want to get married must have engagement rings, and then they can go to the matchmaker. As in real life, the place where you have your marriage can be decorated! Choose big red lanterns, floral baskets, balloons, 999 (a traditional lucky number in China) roses and much more. You can invite your friends and other characters to attend your wedding, and they can let off colorful fireworks for you. After the wedding, the bride and groom get a title identifying them as a wedded couple.

Titles are not the only the indication of their relationship.  A married couple can move to his/her spouse quickly and easily and they can use the Couple Cultivation skill, which allows the husband and wife to get double experience points in team combat.

Come and experience the ancient and traditional Chinese wedding now and find love in the World of Kung Fu!

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