Who Will be the 10,000 VIP Testers for C9?

Who will be the 10,000 VIP Testers for C9?



WEBZEN has finished the VIP Tester recruitment for the action RPG C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal)’.





WEBZEN announced last January 6th, C9’s first global service VIP Tester recruitment, which has exceeded expectations with more than over 10,000 appliers on the first day only. As a result, the recruitment successfully ended yesterday on the 18th.



WEBZEN will select 10,000 users where chances are higher for users who have given more interest in the test through C9’s Facebook community (http://www.facebook.com/C9Webzen), and will announce these 10,000 VIP testers on January 20th. The testers will be able to participate in the “VIP TEST” starting on February 4th which will be open for a month.



Most of the appliers come from North America and Europe, as statistics show that over 70% of the applicants are from these regions.



WEBZEN is considering adding additional servers in order to handle the large number of applicants that WEBZEN did not expect.


C9 Archer


C9 has received five awards, including the Grand Prize, in one of Korea’s most prestigious award ceremonies, the Korea Game Awards, and is very well-known for its action-packed game play. Its various character customizing options, precise control system and varieties of skill combos has grabbed many gamer’s attention which leaded to great success with over 420,000 users enjoying it on the first day of service in South Korea.



Among the nine continents of C9, based on the storyline, the first three continents will be available during the VIP Test. Selectable classes will be the Fighter, Hunter and Shaman. With a level cap of 50, each character can choose one of three different advanced classes at level 20 which is a total of 9 classes.



There will also be an event during the test period where users will have a chance to obtain ‘Legends’ & ‘Auspices’, a unique icon that gives buff effects. These icons, given to event winners, will be permanently useable for future tests and the official launch. For more details please visit WEBZEN’s official website (http://c9.webzen.com).






Meanwhile, the VVIP Test recruitment for the game media has also finished simultaneously on January 18th. Selected game media will be able to experience C9 earlier than VIP Testers starting from February 1st.



Both of the tests are available to world-wide users, except South Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand, where official servers are already available.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN said, “Initially, we prepared the VIP Test for only 10,000 users for technical and game related feedbacks. As the number of applicants has exceeded our expectations, we apologize for selecting a limited number of users for the test.” He also added, “For the users who have not been chosen as a VIP Tester, please keep your interest in the C9 Facebook community, where we will be holding events for selecting new additional VIP Testers.”



WEBZEN has started the server launch countdown for the VIP Test on their official website, which will open at 9 PM (GMT) on February 4th!

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