Who Will Bring the End to the Chaotic World

Future war, experience now! Age of Armor, a chaotic world of future; now seek for a great leader to end the chaos, Earth and Mars, Human beings and super human beings, are all involved in the Armageddon.

In those main war areas, regional conflicts are still on, assassinations and robberies, small group of army assault the cities, things are getting worse and worse, no one here now can control the situation, because they are gifted mech- warriors, they are born to be talent pilots, and born to be fighters, however, they are in need of a great leader, a leader who will bring them to glory, a leader who will end the chaotic age of the universe.

There are already some famous leaders here in the Age of Armor, and they have set up their corps too, they fought, they collecting resources, they are making progresses, but they need more alliances and more enemies; do you want to fight aside or fight against them? Do you want to show your talent in the future Robot war? Do you want to bring new order to this universe?

Be the chosen one or be nothing, you decide it.

Age of Armor, to domain the universe, are you ready?

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