Why Torbjorn’s Console Nerf Makes Sense

Dear Console Peasants,

It is I, Ragachak, your Head Console Peasant. Your King! Your King who betrays you, because he plays primarily on PC. But it’s a necessity, I assure you. Today, we’re talking Overwatch though. Specifically, on console. Yes, they’re nerfing Torbjorn’s turret damage by 30%.  I’ve heard a LOT of people kvetch and whine and bitch about this. All weekend, that’s all I’ve heard. Clearly, you don’t fucking understand. Playing on console is considerably easier. The aim and accuracy required via controller is significantly lower. You basically have an autoaim turret doing free, serious damage. He’s one of the biggest forces on console for winning and damage from what I’ve seen. His winrate on PC isn’t quite as impressive. [70% versus 60% or some nonsense]

The coordination’s probably easier on console to destroy them, but I can’t see console players banning together, forming a party, and all chatting to form a plan to deal with Torbjorn. Whereas on PC, you have your keyboard and mouse, headset, mic, whatever else is hooked up to your computer. It does however show that Blizzard is paying attention to trends on pc and console and how they differ. Nerfing or buffing certain things on one and not the other does however make me think crossplay is a lot less likely. Input via controller and input via mouse are two completely different beasts. Controllers cannot move any faster than what the set value it’s given. The mouse simply moves faster. But that’s not the focus here; it’s just an interesting fact.  I think the damage nerf might be a little silly, but it’s not going to make him unplayable. I’d rather see a nerf to the autolock and the range on the turret before the damage. Everything hits hard in Overwatch. But the big takeaway is this:  He’s not being “destroyed”, so shut up.

Warmest Regards,


Your Monarch


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