Winners of the ‘Hand In Hand Event’

Three months have passed since the first round of the Hand in Hand event has ended on June 22nd. There have been over 10,000 players, who have participated in the event. Click to see who the top 100 players are.
If you are among the top 100 players, you will be awarded as follows:
Rank Number Prize
No.1-No.3 3 4*2 package DBs
No.4-No.10 7 3*2 package DBs
No.11-No.50 40 2*2 package DBs
No.51-No.100 50 1*2 package DBs
Are you one of these lucky winners? Congratulations! The prizes will be awarded within this week.
There will be more events in the future and we hope you can participate again!

Thanks for your continued support!

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