Wonderland Online: Version 4.0 Preview I – Training Area

Wonderland Online has announced that the new 4.0 version will be released soon, and with news slowly leaking about the new upgrades coming, the WLO team has decided to open the floodgates and give players a comprehensive sneak preview of the biggest changes they’ve made.

The Training Area, Instance function, 12 Cursed Palaces quests, changing the Maid Robot’s suit, special skills and the 7 other new maps, will all be involved in the new WLO Version 4.0.

The Training Area is located to the Northeast of North Island. Players can reach this area quickly if they journey from North Island. But if they have a Training Voucher, they will travel there immediately after clicking on it.

Training Strategies

  1. A Training Voucher will provide players with 6 hours to train, the time will stop immediately if players spawn at SB or a recorded place.
  2. Players can stay in the Training Area after their time is up and enjoy a nice tour of the area without any interruption from monsters.
  3. They can get HP and SP related items by killing monsters.
  4. The system will restore both players and pets’ HP by 100 and SP by 50.
  5. Players can create a team for the Training Area, but only the player who uses the Training Voucherwill get EXP.
  6. Players’ gear will be consumed if they defeat monsters that are 19+ levels higher than their level.
  7. Players can use EXP cards or potions to get more EXP.

Training Area-Forest: Suitable for level 10-level 50.
Training Area-Cave: Suitable for level 51-level 100.
Training Area-Ocean: Suitable for level 101-level 150.

The Wonderland Team has more surprise in the new 4.0 Version. Please stay tuned.

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