Wonderland Online:Restored and Manufacturing in Wonderland

In Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com), the recovery items are very significant for players’ upgrading. And now they want to introduce the recovery items and manufacture methods.

How to get?
1. Compound
The unique compound system in WL can provide very interesting experience for players. It’s great idea that players don’t abandon the items obtained by fishing or killing monsters. Players can try to compound them. The outcomes may be materials, weapons, armors and even the recovery items. For example: Level 1 fruit+barley may be the juice (can restore HP or SP). If players have higher alchemy skill, they can get better success rate.

2. Manufacture
The items made in the tent: Manual Blender, Kitchen Range and Glaze Table. Maybe it’s a better method to get items to restore HP and SP, because the success rate is 100%.

Items for Manufacturing:
a. Manual Blender: it can be made by the Bench Saw and it is used to make juice.
b. Kitchen Range: it can be made by the Low-Temperature Kiln and it is used to cook. But it should also consume firewood.
c. Glaze Table: it can be made by the Grinding Equipment and it is used to cook. But it should also consume gas.

3. How to obtain materials
a. Fishing
Fishing can help players get various items, including fish. Character at level 1 can get common fishing rod through completing the quest of Let’s Make Up in Welling Village or buy classic fishing rod in market. If players do not master fishing skill, you can only get low level fish or other items through fishing. If you want to get high level fish or items, you must complete the quest of Fish Food in Holy Village. Besides, low level fish can be turned into high level fish through compound.
b. kill monsters
While killing monster, players will get many drop items which can t processed into something to recover your HP or SP.
c. purchase
If players have enough money or luck, they can buy materials or ready-made item in market.

4. How to use
Different supplies function differently which are mainly divided into three aspects: HP recover, SP recover, as well as HP and SP recover. Making reasonable use of them will benefit players a lot.

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