World of Kung Fu Kicks-Off Global Screenshot Competition

VestGame Entertainment and are announcing the details of the first screenshot competition for VestGame’s popular free massively multiplayer online game, World of Kung Fu.

Shanghai, Sep 13th, 2008 – VestGame Entertainment and are teaming up to bring World of Kung Fu’s first ever screenshot competition to players all over the world. This contest will give players the opportunity to show their favorite aspects of the game, from fighting to flying and everything in between, and allow gamers that have not yet experienced the World of Kung Fu a chance to see what they are missing.

For gamers that have not seen the excitement that is the World of Kung Fu, they are truly missing out. This free-to-play 3D MMO/MMORPG game offers something for all types of gamers, from social gamers to avid, hard-core gamers and all stages in between. “This contest really gives us the chance to showcase the awesome graphics and spectacular artwork that forms such an integral part of the game”, says David Clarke, World of Kung Fu’s North American Producer. The character art was created by renowned Japanese designer Senri Kita, best known for her work on Samurai Shodown, as well as other games from SNK and Capcom.

World of Kung Fu is a virtual world set in ancient China. It successfully combines outstanding gameplay with a storyline that takes players on a journey through a mystical land full of spirits and spiders, robbers and riches, and some of the most breathtaking artwork that players will ever see in a free to play online game.

VestGame Entertainment is pairing up with, a site dedicated to MMO gaming, to produce this contest. Both companies are offering up some great prizes to the winners, and there will be 4 prizes in all. All winners will receive the new World of Kung Fu Leveling Guide. The Grand Prize includes a permanent Xuan Wu mount and over a hundred rare items such as high level Forging Vouchers, Advanced Craftsman Charms, Sky Pearls, and much more. The First, Second, and Third Prizes also contain a wealth of rare and high level items. Winners will also have their screenshots and character names placed in the Official World of Kung Fu Strategy Guide, due out in October of 2008.

The contest will be running from September 15th to the 30th. Players interested in participating should visit the official World of Kung Fu website or Both sites have complete information about contest rules, entry submissions, prizes, and more.

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