World of Tanks Blitz: New Battle Missions Released

World of Tanks

Wargaming is proud to announce the latest update for the mobile sensation World of Tanks Blitz—update 1.8—is here! This update brings the hotly anticipated addition of Battle Missions, a revamped tutorial and the introduction of a demo account.

Newly introduced Battle Missions let players earn rewards like Premium Account, experience, free experience, crew experience, and credits. Each player gets a set of three missions of varying difficulty levels: simple and advanced. When completed, missions will be reset along with the XP multiplier for the next victory. If a player doesn’t like a mission, they’re able to skip one mission every 24 hours.

Battle Missions come in three different types with different requirements: missions performed in a single battle; missions performed over several battles; platoon missions, which must be performed with a platoon mate. These can be cumulative or over a single battle. The revamped tutorial will be available for those joining Blitz for the first time, featuring a battle tutorial and many useful hints. A new player will be introduced to the garage, complete a few basic battles, getting to grips with equipment and crew. After completion, full freedom of action will be unlocked. The tutorial is not mandatory and users may skip it if they choose.

The new demo account feature allows players to get started with Blitz without registration. The account is created automatically, and there is no difference in the in-game experience except for a randomly generated username. Playing the game, retaining progress and making Store purchases are still available. Players can also upgrade their account to a fully-fledged Wargaming account if they choose.

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