Zodiac Online: New Year Hot Strike

Zodiac Online: New Year Hot Strike


In celebration of the new year, Zodiac Online is giving a ‘hot strike’ chance to break the chilliness!


From PST 00:00 Dec. 31 2009 to PST 23:59 Jan. 10 2010, all players can update their client to a New Year Hot Strike version and enjoy some joyful holiday elements.


The new-year contents that have been added to the current game include:


The Eggbeaters
All players over level 20 can take a Christmas Gift Bag every day. In this bag there may be golden or silver eggs. After breaking the egg players my find mall items and golden or silver dust which are used to exchange for excellent rewards.


Search for the Ancient Beast

During the event period every player can talk to the Ancient Beast in the field to get Silver Eggs.


Snowy Lake, the instance of chilliness

This is an instance of cold and hardship with 5 bosses inside. After beating bthe bosses players may get Golden Stones which are used to turn silver eggs into gold ones


Ingle Games is sure that Zodiac Online’s New Year Hot Strike Edition is going to keep you busy for a while, this winter will be very hot!



Zodiac Online - Happy New year!

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