Bury me, my Love Prologue, Nour’s Choice, Playable Now for Free

Bury Me My Love Prologue News

The award-winning mobile adventure game, Bury me, my Love – depicting a Syrian refugee’s hazardous journey to safety in Europe, via a WhatsApp-style messaging interface – has received a short prologue, playable for free online via mobile and desktop browsers. This prologue explains aptly why Nour is compelled to flee Syria, leaving behind her husband, Majd. Her actions and choices are made clear, from the perspective of her husband. Both a great way for existing players of Bury me, my Love to learn more about the relationship between Nour and Majd, and their fraught situation, and for newcomers to introduce themselves to the themes and interface of the full mobile game, this prologue is free for anyone to play and will no doubt compel them to play further.

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