City of Heroes

No reviews in ALONG TIME, by me or other people, so heres one

Gameplay: In training, I tend to get map disconnected alot, but that only happens in training, no where else I noticed. I also tend to think im playing the full game the beta is so good, usually that doesn’t happen 8/10

Leveling : I barely even look how much I need to level, maybe an occasional glance because combat is so fun, yes it as a level grind, like all mmorpgs. Powers are also great, great affects. 7/10
Enemies The mobs are also good, a little plain so, not much diversity, but im level 4, so I probly haven’t encountered everything. The zombies are cool so, combat goes by pretty fast to 4/10

Missions are fun, at least to me, sometimes a little short, alot of fun so, especially when I get a sewer mission, that was really fun, more diversity in missions would be nice, maybe do a puzzle to get to another part of a mission you need to do, and make the “dungeons” bigger, they are kinda small. The stories are tons of fun so 6/10

Loot: Wth is everyone complaining about loot? I never see a hero find loot or anything from a mob, maybe an artifact for a mission, but thats all. Although their is loot, enchantments and buffs/heals act as loot N/A

Character creation: This was a blast to do, I found one template I really like that im gonna use when I buy full game, if I don’t remember everything, I can try to make it similar. I never see a clone of me running around, everyones different since theirs soo many choices, one (or all of the best char creations in a mmorpg 9/10

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