Cloud Nine Interview: Two Nations, Plenty o’ Gods

Questions by Markus Nivasalo (Thas), Onrpg Journalist
Answered by Jeon II, The Man in Charge

Cloud Nine is a MMO by Mgame, the makers of Scions of Fate and the heart pounding fps game,  Operation 7. It takes place in the world of Holy Land of Lunatia, that has been cut in two by the gods. It will offer plenty of new things for a game in the free MMO market, such as the epic class system, and the raids that require a huge group of people. We were lucky to enough to get an interview with Jeon II, the man in charge of all this.

Onrpg: Hello! Could you please introduce yourself?
I am Jeon Il in charge of North American Cloud Nine Service from the Cloud Nine Foreign Project Team.

Onrpg: Could you tell us a bit about the two nations in the game and about their relationship?
There are two nations in Cloud Nine which are Primus Union and Ganav Libero. While the Ganav Libero pursue freedom and creative life, the Primus Union value law and honor. Each nation’s beliefs are so different that its causing conflict between them, so they are always battling each other. Ganav Libero was born as wanderers and travelers crowded into one region and eventually five elders came together and formed a nation. Most people in Ganav Libero farm and hunt for a living and create what they need with mysterious magic power. Their lifestyle supports freedom and living without bounds. On the battlefield they never fight in a certain manner or with typical maneuvers. They use innovative tactics to surprise their enemies and conquer with invincible minds and spirits. Primus Union was formed when hundreds of merchant guilds became united by a man named “Vakaven Kahharl”. Primus Union is the center of trade and crafting. This nation is the largest, and is still growing. However, since many guilds were united by one absolute authority, this nation’s rule is strict and faithful. Primus Union fights for loyalty and honor on the battlefield so they refuse to ambush or use vulgar tactics. To win, is to win with strength alone.

Onrpg: Can you give us a brief description about the 6 classes in the game?
Sure. Thieves can wield a rapier or dagger and shield.  They are the main damage dealers of Cloud Nine. Monks can use knuckles or a mace and shield.  They are the combat leaders of the game and also a good party supporter. Magicians can use a two handed staff or a one handed staff with a shield. They are the elemental masters in Cloud Nine. Priests can use a two handed staff or a mace with a shield.  They are the healers and buffers of the game. Hunters can wield bows or dual pistols.  They are the long ranged marksmen of Cloud Nine. Warriors can wield a two handed sword or a one handed sword with a shield.  They are the tanks,  and can be melee defensive or offensive.

Onrpg: Is it possible for any race and class to join whichever nation they want, or are there restrictions?
The simple answer is yes. The users will select their nation first and then race and class last. The only drawback, is when the user selects their nation, all characters of that account must join that nation. So players still need to be careful when creating their first character.

Characters of Mounts

Onrpg: Are all the classes playable by all the races?
Yes. All the races may select from Warrior, Thief, Hunter, Magician, Priest, and Monk.

Onrpg: Are there any differences between the races other than the looks? As in, are there any racial skills for example?
Each of the three races have their own unique race skills that characters are given in addition to their class skills. There are even differences between male and female skills for the same race. So, you can say that there are actually 6 different race skill trees. There are many skills for the users to choose from and players may find some benefit certain classes more than others.

Onrpg: Will Cloud Nine offer the players any kind of PvP?
Yes!  Both nations may freely battle each other on the field at any time. This has a big effect on player’s Fame Points. There will also occasionally be a Nation War, where players from either faction will be put in a death match type battlefield. The Level Party War is for two parties of opposite factions.  One party will announce a challenge and any party from the other faction can accept.  The player’s levels are then balanced. Lastly, Requital is a war between Guilds who have grown enough to have a Guild House. It’s all about the war between nations, so users will always be fighting with their faction’s reputation on the line.

Onrpg: Can you tell us a bit about the crafting in Cloud Nine?
There are 3 types of production systems in Cloud Nine which are Metal Production, Jewel Production, and Medicine Production. Metal Production is for necklaces, earrings, and accessories, and Jewel Production is for creating gems that can be applied to weapons or armors to add extra abilities. Medicine Production allows players to create healing and buff potions. Each character may learn one production skill and in order to obtain the materials they will have to hunt, gather, mine, fish, and even extract them from other items. Acquiring materials is possible for everyone, but if used well, taking the time to be able to produce rare items will give players an advantage over others.

Onrpg: The pet system in Cloud Nine seems very interesting so far. Could you tell us more about it?
Cloud Nine is prepared with a huge variety of pets! As players defeat monsters they will collect Monster Cards for their Monster Book. The Monster Book is used to store and view all the player’s cards. When a player completes a Monster Book they will receive a reward. This reward item can tame a monster. If it succeeds, the monster will become their pet. Users can capture any monster on the field or in dungeons, including bosses, and summon them as pets.  In addition, once caught, the pet can grow and evolve into forms not found in the wild. We are ready with many monsters with many types of abilities, and if the user searches, they will find their own special pet that no other user has.

Onrpg: Will the game be solo friendly or more group based?
It’ll be more of solo play at first. The quests will provide items and experience points just enough for the user to continue progressing through the game. But, as the player proceeds further on, and their level gets higher, they will require higher ranked items and in order to obtain them, they will have to find a party and focus on the dungeons. We have developed many dungeons and even created new ones specifically for this version of the game.

Onrpg: Could you tell us about the Class Change system?
There is no class promotion system in Cloud Nine. The user will choose one class to play and that will remain the same throughout the whole game.  Instead, there exists a secondary class. When a user completes a certain quest, they may select another class to be their secondary class.  This will allow the player to have another class to play the game with on the same character.  Some skills will be shared between both classes, so determined players will be looking for the best class combination.  Also, we are currently developing an Awakening system that will enhance this feature further.

Cute Cloud Nine Panda

Onrpg: Will there be any dungeons or raids in Cloud Nine?
There are so many dungeons in Cloud Nine! There are some which require a party to enter, some  that anyone can enter, and even ones the user can enter by themselves or with a party.  Furthermore, there is the PVP dungeon where the battle between the nations collides, and raid dungeons which require a large group of players.

Onrpg: Is it really possible for players to turn into monsters?
Yes. Players will obtain an item called the Monster Transformation Card through either hunting or completing a certain quest.  The players will gain access to new skills and abilities when they transform into a monster. They can be a lot better than the skills and abilities that they are currently using. Additionally, they are different for each monster that the user can transform into, adding even more variety to the Cloud Nine experience. Also, when a player transforms, a monster or another player may mistake them as a real monster and end up attacking. Even the user’s ID will appear as the name of the monster.  Players need to be careful; there are both advantages and disadvantages to becoming a monster.

Onrpg: Are you planning any kinds of updates yet? Like new classes etc?
Like we have said above, we are preparing the Awakening System, which is part of the class system. Also, we are developing even more features such as the High Class Improvement System to make the game even more enjoyable. We are sorry to say that we do not have any plans on creating another race or class at this time

Onrpg: Will there be any kind of subscription model in Cloud Nine?
Cloud Nine will be free to play with micro transactions, similar to other free to play games.

Onrpg: When can we expect a beta?
I’m not sure, there is no schedule set up right now, but we are looking forward to meeting the users as soon as possible, so we’re doing our best.

Onrpg: Thank you for your time.

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