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Answered by: Chris Yamauchi, producer of Concerto Gate at

Question: Why did they choose to publish Concerto Gate? What about it do they feel will make it popular / a success?

There were several factors that led us to choose Concerto Gate. But if we had to choose only a couple, we’d say it was because of the compelling storyline, the beautiful artwork in the game, and the unique gameplay. We believe it will be a popular title in North America for the same reasons.

Question: What have they done to combat the mmo phenomenon of ‘grind’?

Well, technically grinding has been around since the early days of the video game RPG. However to help combat ‘grinding’, we have a myriad amount of quests for the user to help them level up.

Question: How much influence do you guys have on the development on Concerto Gate or do you guys just translate and publish in a new country?

We handle all aspects involving the community, localization, marketing, and maintenance of Concerto Gate in North America.

Question: Is there anything different about the turn-based combat in this game that will attract players who may not like this type of combat?

Traditionally, the turn-based combat system has always been a single player experience. However, by placing these in an MMO world and introducing the multi-player aspect, it really encourages you to work with other players in the game.

Question: Will this game have a rich storyline that you accually get involved in? a storyline similar to a single player game?

Yes, there is a big storyline that will be told throughout the game. Will it be similar to a single player game? Well, that’s for you to find out!

Question: Will there be crafting? If so what can you craft and how will you be able to do so?

You can choose to be an Armor Crafter, Weapons Maker, Cook, etc. In order to do so, you have to choose that field as your class.

Question: Will there be Major boss battles which require teamwork?

Yes, but not only during major boss battles. There are other places where team work and making friends are essential in Concerto Gate.

Question: Features!! We need cool features! What are some features for this game?

The character creation system is quite vast. So far, there are over 628 trillion different combinations you can make to the character. There’s also the unique turn-based battle system which you won’t find in other MMO games. However, the coolest feature about the game is the terra-forming system. Activities such as hunting, mining, and wood-chopping constantly make changes to the terrain!

Question: Will there be a cash shop or subscriptions for premium access?

There will be a Cash Shop where you can purchase premium items, but that will be after the Open Beta.

Question: What are the classes and abilities?

There are 15 different classes in Concerto Gate. There are Soldiers, Archers, Knights, Sorcerers, Clerics, Lumberjacks, Miners, Hunters, Identifiers, Chefs, Pharmacists, Weapons Craftsmen, Armor Craftsmen, Sealers, and Wanderers. Each have their own unique abilities and skills.

Question: Were there any funny moments that happened during publishing?

One of our GMs, Shannon Pratt, has gotten several marriage proposals from users after they discovered she was female.

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