Conquer Online – 8 Years Later

Conquer Online – 8 Years Later

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Guest Writer



General Introduction of Conquer Online.

Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. The game is set in the world of ancient China. The game is playable in different languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish.



This game has been out for a while now but deserves another look at it. The game released back in the year of 2003 and it is still being actively played by a lot of people, and it currently has more than 10 million registered users around the world.


First Impressions

When I first started up the game launcher I could pick three options. These three options were “High Definition”, “Standard Definition” And “Low Definition” meaning that everyone can play this game no matter how bad your computer is. After I chose my option, I got at the server select menu, where I could choose for a specific server. There are just the normal servers to play on but there are also ‘Classic’ and ‘World PK’ servers to choose from.


The Classic consist the following changes from the original servers:

1. No Shopping Mall
2. No Battle Power System
3. No DB Leveling
4. No DB Socketing for “non-weapon” gear or the 2nd socket for weapons
5. No Talismans
6. Toxic Fog is removed from the Ninja skills
7. Gems drop rate from monsters increased
8. PK is allowed in Twin City.
9. Equipment Bonus Quests are removed.

This being said, it really looks like they care for the community to make this server specifically for a certain group of old school players.



When you have chosen your server it is time to pick a class. Every class is specialized in different weapons, armor and skills. The following classes are currently in the game:



The Ninja is a mysterious class, they are cloaked in the shadow with the most devastating attacks. But have the lowest defense and health. The Ninja can equip an exclusive weapon, the ‘katana’, these Japanese made swords make the ninja possess that highest attack speed among the melee classes in the game. The special of this class is Poison Star; this skill makes it more difficult for their opponent to drink potions.



The Archer is the master of the bow, they are not only able to shoot enemies at a distance, but also can engage multiple targets as well. The Archer is the only class available that is able to use the bow and arrow. Their special ability is ‘flying.’ This unique ability makes them fly in the sky and immune to physical attacks.


Fire Taoist

The Fire Taoists is a mage class available in the game. As the name of the class tells you, this class is specialized in Fire attacks. They do not mainly use a weapon but they prefer the Backsword. The Special of this class is the further they are away of the target, the more damage they deal.




Monks, also known as Saints, are the support class in this game. They are known for their powerful martial and buff skills, so they are a helpful member of every team. They are specialized to help the group as much as possible by wielding skills such as dispels, auras and buffs.


Water Taoist

The Water Taoist is the healer class. They are entrusted with spell such as heal, cure and revive. Like the Fire Taoist, the Water Taoist uses the Backsword as well. Their Special is nothing different than that from the Fire Taoist. The further they are away of the target the more damage they deal.





The warriors can wield a wide range of weapons. They are also the only class able to equip a shield for bonus defense. The warrior can use every weapon in the game except for the bow and backsword. The warriors are also wearing the heaviest and strongest armor in the game. Their special is ‘Superman’. When activated their attacks deal more damage to the target.

At level 15, you are able to get a class promotion. With this promotion you will get a new title, enhanced attributes and you are able to learn new skills!


Character Customization

When you have selected your gender it’s time to customize your character. The only thing you can customize at first is the size of your character. If you want additional customization options you will have to visit various NPCs in the city in order to change your body size, avatar, hairstyle and the color of your hair.




Normally in a game, you walk to your destination. In Conquer Online however, walking is too slow and there is an option to jump! You practically just leap forward to your destination instead of walking. This game is entrusted with a ‘Path Finding’ feature as well. Whenever you are lost, you can use this option to automatically walk to your desired NPC. From the moment you start your character you get a quest. You can look up this quest in the quest list. In this panel, you are able to see which quests you currently have, what the target is, and your reward. In this quest panel you are able to see which quests are available to you and which quests you have done. There are also daily quests that you can do every day. These daily quests mostly consist of PvP quests.

Attacking a target is very simple; when you click on the target you will auto attack the target. You can however assign a skill on the Right mouse button. This feature will use your assigned spell on the target. If you use more skills you can put these on the action bar. The XP bar around your health bar fills during combat. Once the bar is fully loaded you are able to use a XP skill. Every class has a different XP skill suiting their class’s strengths.



The user interface is clean and simple; you can find everything on the bottom of the screen and have some small information at the top left like the coordinates, fps and latency.


Most MMORPGs are based around PvE, however Conquer Online is mostly based around PvP. The biggest aspect of the game is PvP. There are different Tournaments being hosted daily and there is even an arena. It is also possible to challenge another guild and have a guild war.

PK or player killing is also a major feature in this game.

There are four different PK Modes in the game. You can switch to the mode you want to PK in at the bottom of your screen on the action bar.

The four different modes to choose from are:

PK: You will be able to attack monsters and players.
Team: Slay monsters and other players that are not in your current team or guild.
Peace: You can only slay monsters.
Capture: You can slay monsters and are able to attack criminals (pkers with a record demonstrated by their blue or black names)

There is also a Jail in this game. Players who have earned over 100 PK Points will be jailed if they get killed. You can get out of Jail if you pay 500,000 Silver, however if you don’t feel like paying up you can always sit your time out and do some mining in the meantime.


Crafting really improves the game play and helps build up the economy in a game. Conquer Online has an unique crafting system like no other game has seen before. You are not going to beat your opponents without some properly crafted equipment. It really makes a difference! I find crafting an important feature in a game and Conquer Online has polished this pretty well.

In this game you can randomly find a ‘Meteor.’ This meteor is a purple shiny stone you can get by killing monsters. Or you can buy them from NPC or fellow players. These meteors can be used to upgrade your equipment. Besides upgrading equipment, these meteors are also used for quest items, color customization, and divorce stones.

To upgrade your item with a meteor you have to see Artisan Wind. He charges you 1 Meteor to perform his upgrading service. Upgrading your equipment is a risk because it may be able to fail, and you may need more meteors then you might have planned. The higher level the item, the lower chance that he will be able to upgrade it. If you however do not want to risk losing your precious shiny balls you will have to go to the Equipment Blacksmith in the market. He has a 100% success rate in upgrading your items.

In addition to this, there are gems of various elements ingame used to imbue certain elements into your equipment. Through the Gem Composing feature, you can combine gems to produce much more valuable combination gems to really make your equipment shine. Items can also be socketed through the Socketsmith. This is done through the use of the ‘Dragon Ball’ item. For each additional socket you wish to add to an item, the number of dragon balls increases greatly.

Social Interaction

This game has a ‘Mentor’ feature to help new players get into the game. This feature lets you have a Mentor that will guide you into the world of Conquer Online! The Mentor can claim contribution from his apprentices. He can gain experience when his apprentice is grinding or share blessings when his apprentice activates a prayer stone. When an apprentice gets a +1 item dropped by monsters, the Mentor will receive a contribution point. When you reach 100 contribution points, the mentor is rewarded with a +1 stone. The only limitation on the mentor system is that the Master must be 30 levels above his apprentices.

Unlike many MMORPGs in this game you can actually get married. If you love having a nagging wife yelling at you to put the trash outside, then you can get one in game as well!



It is also possible to join or create a guild. In order to create a guild you have to be Level 90 or above. If you are then you can find the Guild Director in Twin City and pay him 1,000,000 Silver to setup a guild. There are currently 17 guild ranks with different privileges that can be used, and some ranks have a limit. There are also different donation types to allow players to contribute money to their guild.


The game was released in the year 2003. Back in that year the graphics were impressive. They have been upgrading it since but Conquer has fallen behind more modern mmorpg releases.


The game still does its best to compete with the special effects surrounding skills. The spells in this game really shine and at least you won’t have to worry about your computer not being able to handle the game’s graphics.




After 8 years Conquer Online is still growing by the day. This game keeps getting updated every week and still has expansions coming out every year. The community is really big and mature and is willing to help you with every question you have. It’s not a top notch mmorpg and it may not be the prettiest among them, but this game has plenty of features to get you hooked for quite some time. If you love to PvP I would advise you to give it a shot.



– Unique gameplay
– Superb PvP
– Great support.
– Crafting


– Graphics outdated
– May feel grindy
– Armor hasn’t changed after all these years
– Jail

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