Control Monger (closed BETA) Review


Control Monger is a fully 3D MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter game) developed by NetCharger.


You can play as heavy gunner bot, construction bot, repair bot, sniper bot, demolition bot, soldier bot, or spy bot.

Match Types:

There are five different match types in Control Monger, each different than the other. The Match types are Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Objective, King of the Hill, and Death Match. Some of the matches can be played as teams (like Capture the Flag for instance) and are very addictive and fun.


Finding a good server in Control Monger isn’t very hard. Anyone can host a game on their computer and some do. There are always at least two player hosted games at a time. Besides the player hosted games there is one dedicated server owned by a player and two official servers hosted by NetCharger. The ping is relatively good on the dedicated server and is great on the official servers.


Control Monger has incredible graphics for a free MMOFPS of its kind. I have failed to see a free game that meets these standards. The environment is very detailed and looks great. Most of the games in Control Monger take place inside a building. From the floor to the crates you hide behind Control Monger accomplishes graphics most other games of its genre haven’t.



The Control Monger music isn’t a bragging point for the game. When you start the game you are greeted with an annoying guitar solo, however the in game sounds more than make up for this. When you enter the game you are greeted with a robotic “Welcome” voice. When someone captures a flag the same voice will say “Flag Captured”. The sounds from your guns are very nice also. Overall the in game sounds are great, out-of-game music, meh.



Control Monger gameplay is varied by what kind of bot you play as. I generally play as a heavy gunner bot which is portrayed as a large clunky hunk of metal with a powerful gun. The game manages to make gameplay like you would think for your bot. A spy bot is quick and weak, the gunner bot is large and slow. When you bump into the walls your bot will realisticly lean to the side. The game manages to balance out the bots also. Instead of the gunner bot dominating the rest of the bots like tanks do in most games, it can be beaten by weaker bots. To fire your large gun you must hold down the left mouse button for about 5 seconds for your bot to begin to fire. Once the bullets start raining out of your machine gun you will dominate however. Overall, the Control Monger combat system impresses.


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