Cosplay Highlights: League of Legends, Warhammer 40K and more!

Savor the last lingering days of summer with some more hot cosplay highlights! As always, please support the cosplayers & photographers by visiting them directly if you like what you see.

[League of Legends] Fox fire Ahri by pionKOR | Photographed by Giro

Yugioh cosplay - Yami Yugi by slifertheskydragon | Photographed by KatsuyaWeller

Auriel by KoniCosplay | Photographed by Florian Fromentin

Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor cosplay by my99reality | Photographed by Pugoffka

Optimus Prime by Marthony

Bonus Round: Geek Art of the Week

[LoL] Team Ahri by zuqling

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