Cosplay of the Week: RWBY, BlazBlue & More

It’s time for another set of cosplay highlights! As always visit the pages for the cosplayers, photographers, and artists to support them directly.

Hiro Hamada Cosplay - Big Hero 6 by AlexanDrake89

Hiro Hamada by Alexandrake89
Photographer uncredited

 :iconn1njag1rlcosplay: Norn Warrior by N1njaG1rlCosplay

Norn Warrior by N1njaG1rlCosplay
Photographed by SuzuHasGoneMad


 Got them in my sights by valannaria

Popstar Caitlyn by valannaria
Photographed by Belziir


BlazBlue cosplay: nu-13 by Kak-Tam-Ee

nu-13 cosplayed by Feli
Photographed by Kak-Tam-Ee


 RWBY - Neo Cosplay by CrystalMoonlight1

Neo by CrystalMoonlight1
Photographed by Xenphotos


Bonus Round: Geek Art of the Week

Game of Thrones x Marvel Comics Mashup Art

Game of Thrones x Marvel Comics Mashup Art by Bob Al-Greene


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