Cronous Review: Diablo it is Not

Cronous Review: Diablo it is Not
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


In the world of MMOs, Diablo has been the usual basis for a lot of MMOs that uses the dungeon crawling experience because of the sheer simplicity yet addictive nature of the game’s overall design and concept.


Cronous is one such MMO where you would find a lot of Diablo-like elements infused into its core gameplay. However the game sets itself apart and stands on its own thus creating a gaming experience similar to Diablo yet totally different from it.


Dissecting The Game

To start things off Cronous is a 3D MMORPG that is set in a once beautiful and lush world that is now under chaos due to an alien god and his followers. Your role in this world is as its hero, the person who shall finally bring forth peace in the land of Cronous.


Cronous Combat
Bring peace, one mob at a time


The game’s overall concept can be seen as similar to Diablo’s. As the hero your task, regardless of how you go about it, is to be the savior of the world you are in according to the job class you chosen. This storyline has been quite overused and seeing how the game plays out does not really affect much of your gameplay except for the events and quests that you’d be doing.



Cronous plays like your typical 3D MMORPG save that the camera angles are restricted. The in game controls feels similar to Diablo with an addition of being able to zoom the camera and move it in a circular motion.


There’s nothing new or innovative with Cronous’ gameplay. In fact, the game plays like any other MMORPG out there. The game’s familiar gameplay is both its strength and weakness because this type of gameplay jives well with the game’s other game features, but this also brings about a boring game for those who are looking for something new.


Skill Tree-Where Similarities start to end

The Skill tree in Cronous is similar to the skill tree in Diablo, where every level up gives you a skill point that you can allocate to a certain skill area you want. However, this is where the similarities end because Cronous’ allows a more personalized way of allocating those skill points. The areas you can allocate points to are practically every aspect of your character.


 Cronous Area Map
Cronous area map


Aside from allocating to the usual offensive or defensive skills your character has, Cronous gives you the freedom to allocate skill points to the general attributes of your character. From one handed-weapon mastery to health regeneration, you have complete control if you want to allocate those points or not.


Cronous takes a different path by making your characters as customizable as possible. This kind of skill tree system allows a very varied character build where one character may have the same job but a different skill set.


The problem with this kind of system is that you have to really grind to get to the point where you are satisfied with your skills.


 Skill Tree
Learning skills



This kind of skill tree system automatically labels Cronous as a grind fest. Undoubtedly it is. You have to really grind if you want to beef up your character. Thankfully, with the skill system as it is, grinding during the lower levels is a breeze and within half a day you can get to a decent level.


Cronous also has a lot of quests where you can not only earn experience but also items as well. Of course this should be expected from any MMORPG. However, they don’t really provide much in terms of experience points so it’s better to just grind.


This is where I think Cronous has problems because as we all know level grinding can be really boring. The game’s graphics and audio is not top notch so you’d really need to be patient if you’d want to play the game for a long time.


Growth Items

Even with the game being a grind fest, there are a lot of game features that make it a rather enjoyable experience, one example is  Growth Items that you can acquire if you’re lucky.


Growth Items are special items that your character can carry, and as you carry these items they also grow along with your character. You can allocate a portion of the experience you get from monsters and give it to your growth item. In time this item can eventually become a very powerful weapon that you can name.


Cronous Interface
Character fighting


Cronous’ Growth Items are one of the things you’ll love having as you play the game. It’s like your own small pet that you can nurture and eventually use to beef you up. Having one keeps you playing and it’s one of those things that you’d die to have.


Union Wars

Aside from the Growth Items, Cronous has its own siege warfare system called Union War. Union wars follow the format of siege wars in the different MMORPGs and give you a reason to be part of a guild and be active in leveling and strengthening your character.


Though the concept is only a rehash of the various siege systems in other games, you cannot deny the pull of such systems for players to keep on leveling. The Union War is what makes people come back to Cronous as the players have already established ties with their guild mates.



Cronous is a game that some systems that can really get your attention. However, the overall feel of the game really brings it down. There are other games that have are better overall that you can spend your time on.


If you’re someone who wants to get a little nostalgic and would like to see how Diablo may have turned out if it became an MMO, then Cronous is the game for that. However, if you are really looking for something better then I’d suggest you look for another game to play.


– The skill system and skill tree enables you to create a unique character for your class
– The virtue system helps is a good equalizer for the rude players
– Growth Items adds an element of player “marking” actual in-game elements.


– Dated game graphics
– The games feels to much like Diablo
– Grind fest.

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