Digimon Online RPG

Language -Korean-
Kssn? -No

Sound- 4 1/2 – the sounds arent anything special..no music plays while you walk around,or during battle.just occasional ones as you attack,or if you win or lose.i wish they had put more effort into this category.

Graphics- 7 1/2 – the graphics have a nice, cartoony feel, but alot of the same sprites and such are used repetively.the have an almost pastel look to them.Nothing too special.

Battle- 7 – battle is turned based, and simple to understand. one thing i dont like,is it gets boring.no music, barely any sounds to accompany it,and from what i can see, you onl have around 3 or 4 different attacks you can learn per digimon stage

Gameplay- 6 – it being a korean game, im heavily dissapointed. i guess thats what we get for a game that doesnt require a KSSN.it had potential..if only they had used it to its fullest.

the game is a fun twist from the regular mmorpg feel, and does stand out with its digimon title.only true addicts to the series would realy enjoy the game.
stick it in your PC shoebox so to speak.you will only be using this one as a time killer.

Overall- 6 1/2

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