I downloaded this game,when the English Beta for Dofus,came out.

I’ll get down to what it’s like and other such.

Battle:For many people the game play is pretty much,crap and slow.I mean tactics is good,but like only for singler player,but still good.You have about 15 – 30 seconds doing your turn using your Action Points and Movement points.Using Spells and killing the crap out of your enemies.The battle style is a little of what,err 1 year ago or something,but still nice to see some tactics around.

Map:The Graphics for Dofus is pretty much 2D/3D,Move around by clicking a spot on your mouse,and going on to a Small little sun picture on the tiles,to go to another map.Pretty much easy as that.

Community:As all the Online RPG crap around their,each have a constant community to keep you playing.Most in this game are Helpful and talkitive,you’ll find a few Badasses who torment you around,but that’s what makes games fun,no?

Items:The items,are woo,i got to tell you Have weried names,i mean seriously wouldn’t a twiggy sword,be like a twig 0.0;.Anyways,their are alot of items,most of which have sets where you can get the st and blahdy blahdy blah.

Monsters:Monsters,are tough to fight,unless your in a freaking party,so i go to the newb place,and party up with a bunch of people so you can kill some freaking monsters.And man are some annoying,for instance a tofu,hits you and runs away,keep going closer,it does the same thing,your bound to die from these annoying monsters.

PvP:Well it’s like the same thing as fighting monsters,just you can talk to them,other players can also join into a team they want,and man do i got to tell you,some races can kick others ass.Like i was using the old man race,and my freind he was using This other one (I’m lvl 7,he’s lvl 4) and damn,he kicked my ass like 5 times before i could beat him.


Community is good.
The graphics are almost 3D
Monsters are tough,so it’s challenging.
Almost Modern Age battle system.
You can get a Secret Hideout for you,freinds,and guild.


The grapchis are still in the 2D Section
Monsters are to tough to fight alone.
Battling takes forever for newbies,if they don’t hit the next button.
Secret Hideouts cost to much

Over all Rating:6

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