This is my first review so bare with me… this one is complicated because it really is not your standard MMORPG…

Concept – 7/10: The concept is awsome, Playing in ancient china with shaolin monk style fighters is an intersting change to all the full frontal tanker style fighters you see in most games nowadays which in my opinion is very westernized… however you can still see some elements of games which have already been about Xiah style assassins and swordsman…(the monk idea is nice although he’s stupidly fat)

Graphics – 5/10: Half of me says yes these are good graphics for a game like this (free MMORPG)…when you stand and look at your surroundings you can really see that alot of thought has gone into the making of the environments. From close up your character looks very nicely done and realistic altough when you zoom out it seems to go kinda blotchy looking. Now the other half of me thinks something is not right when I look into things with more depth… when your character runs he looks like hes late for something. When he then comes face to face with the animals, which are actually real life friendly little critters from your back yard you come to realize they’re all infected with the mad cow disease… you even attack stiffed up, I won’t even go on about how the animals react!

Community – 3/10: What? Who? Why? When? Where?… The 3 is for the site itself wich is very helpful and hintful and for once even stated what the stat modifiers are and what use each avatar has…
i. Warrior : Long sword, Axe, Spear.
ii. Assassin : Bow, Claw, dagger.
iii. Mage : Sword, Fighting fan, Gauntlet.
iv. Monk : Staff, Maul, Flying Wheel.
1) Strength: Determines physical attack strength.
2) Dexterity: Determines hit rate and speed.
3) Constitution: Determines defense and life force.
4) Agility: Determines movement, attack speed, and critical hits.
5) Intelligence: Determines mana force..

Sound – 7/10: Nothing special…special effects and combat noises were kinda lame.

Lag – 9/10: Basically none at all (from my personal gaming experience.)

Gameplay & Evaluation – 6/10: I know i’ve been kind of harsh here but there really is one more thing to add… the interface has to be the most un-user friendly piece of work i’ve ever encountered…seriously it took me ages to get the hang of the basics, so much stuff i dont even know what is all about now and i got to lvl 19 before quitting completely! For experienced RPGers this is a good one to try for a little change but i cant see any one who has gotten very involved with Xiah or KalOnline getting addicted to this… for people who have just come from the likes of Runescape this is the one for you.

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