Bethesda Presentation – E3 2019

The Bethesda presentation was certainly something, wasn’t it? They teased a few upcoming games and a whole lot of expansions/new content across their game universe. Not all of it was ground-breaking, unfortunately. I absolutely could not believe how many cheers Fallout 76 received. That made me think I was having some kind of fever-dream or hallucination. There aren’t that many people in the United States that were that excited about how the game has gone in the first year. It felt unrealistic and unsettling – so much like Fallout 76 itself. However, it’s not all gloom-and-doom though! Doom: Eternal, Wolfenstein, and Elder Scrolls Online all pleased, and the two new IPs look fantastic. So what’s up with Bethesda? Let’s see! If you’re looking for their online gaming announcements, this link will take you to’s trailers/post.

Fallout 76: Wastelanders – the biggest update to FO76 yet. A new storyline, choices & consequences, human NPCs and more are coming in Fall 2019. It will also feature (finally) full dialogue trees, and they are going to tell a long-term story in the Fallout universe. There will also be a free trial for the week of June 10th-17th. They also teased a new game mode – Nuclear Winter. Nuclear Winter is a 52-player Battle Royale to see who is worthy of being the Overseer. This mode is also in the free trial.

Ghostwire: Tokyo: The next game from Tango Gameworks. The player will deal with supernatural evil in an action adventure world. There will be conspiracies, evil powers, spirits that are both good and evil. This game reminded me how ultra-racist Twitch chat is, as an aside. Ghostwire: Tokyo has a gorgeous look in the trailer though.

Rage 2: A teaser for the next update for Rage 2, in a 90s family tv show style. It’s going to have new cheat codes, from the Cheat Wizard. It will also have a pilotable mech and a badass motorcycle. They also revealed the “Rise of the Ghosts” expansion.

Wolfenstein:Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot will bring the Nazi killing into the virtual world. It’s coming in July, and of course, is playable at E3. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the upcoming title in the franchise. The best part about it is that Wolfenstein: Youngblood will have the first two-player co-op – a franchise first. and promises to be the biggest Wolfenstein game ever before. It has a July 26th release date, and cannot come soon enough.

Deathloop: Another FPS, this time from Arkane. It looks like a hopeless wasteland/island, and it looks like they repeat their days over and over, a’la Groundhog Day. They have to kill the other person to break the cycle. It looks pretty intense, honestly. Not much is known about this one quite yet (much like Ghostwire), but it looks fascinating.

Doom: Eternal: We get a new Doom: Eternal Trailer. It was amazing, but that’s no shock. We get to go kill demons in Heaven! The stages, weapons, and combat all look damn incredible. It will take the game to other places than Earth, and that’s awesome. November 22nd, 2019 is the release date. They also announced a Doom multiplayer experience. Two player-controlled demons take on a Doom Slayer in a fight to the death. “Doom Battlemode”. Between this and Wolfenstein, these were the big winners form Bethesda, in my opinion.

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