DCUO Amazon Fury Part II Press Preview

By Andy Skelton


After the cliffhanger left from the Amazon Fury DLC, DC Universe Online players have been clamoring to find out what happens next. Their anticipation will soon be rewarded, as Amazon Fury II, the 13th DLC for the game launches soon. We had a chance to see some of the upcoming update ourselves, with special thanks to the DCUO staff, and what is coming is on quite an epic scale.


Senior Creative Director Jens Andersen and Design Director Jesse Benjamin gave us a little background on what players are going to see in the DLC, and it’s quite the list! Right off the bat, players are going to be able to experience two new four-player operations, and three new eight player raids. There is also an additional open world operation to accomplish. Additionally, we finally figure out what has happened to Hippolyta, as well as her reasoning for beginning the war against the realm of mortals.

The team mentioned how important it was to try and capture the feel of a comic book style by revisiting common areas for the major characters. In fact, part of Themyscira should be familiar to players, as it was a part of the third DLC. This interconnectivity has been part of the DCUO story for the past four years, and players will even get to experience a hint of things to come as it pertains to Brainiac.


Jens and Jesse then took us on a tour of one of the new operations, Act of Defiance. Right off the bat, you’re treated to a boss fight against Hippolyta herself, with mechanics designed to ensure players are working together as a cohesive unit. Once defeated, you’ll begin a chase to figure out what has been affecting the Queen of the Amazons, facing off against loyalists to the queen, and an all new NPC type called shades. These lost souls of Tartarus seem to be pouring out of the gates to the underworld, and without too many spoilers, you’ll figure out precisely who is behind it and why.

The final encounter in the operation is against a hydra, and it heralds the release of the big creature tech the team has been working on for some time. They’ve really done a great job with how a large creature would move, and you’ll have to watch out for flame breath, falling rocks, tail whips, and more. The hydra isn’t the only creature to display this technology, however, as the mighty Cerberus awaits players in future dungeons, and plays a very deadly game of cat-and-mouse with you.


One new feature being presented are elite raids. Long sought after by players, the elite raid is unlocked after players have cleared the Throne of the Dead. The elite version of Throne of the Dead functions similar to survival mode, with enemy stats increasing as players down bosses. Boss mechanics themselves don’t just get stronger, though; some boss mechanics outright change, lending even more difficulty. Plus, you’re only allowed two deaths and one rally per boss, unlike being able to rally indefinitely in a normal dungeon. Of course, with the greater risk comes fantastic rewards, stronger than anything else in the game so far. Keep in mind that the elite raid only remains unlocked for 14 days after it’s been opened, when you’ll need to unlock it yet again.

Speaking of gear, four new styles will become available — two for heroes, and two for villains. Unsurprisingly, heroes get two comics inspired Wonder Woman styles, while villains receive two Circe styles. Plenty of individual pieces are also available to allow a great deal of customization for all.


There’s quite a bit more to this DLC than what we’ve seen, but rest assured, Amazon Fury II is much longer in both story and content than its predecessor. It also strongly hints at the direction part 3 will take as well, getting players involved in something much bigger with the Olympian gods. Fans of DC Universe Online will definitely not want to miss this one!

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