ExitLag: A Weapon Against Lag

So, you’ve been grinding for the last hours (days, maybe?) to be at the top of your game, almost getting those last experience points you need to level up, already planning your new skill or new stat for that perfect build. Feels pretty nice, everything is going according to plan, your friends are there to give support and help you with some mobs. Life is good.

One frame later…

You and your party are dead. Your experience points, gone. You didn’t see it coming, it wasn’t like the developers released a new screen-freezing skill for mages that you didn’t know about. It was lag. Yeah, the worse enemy of MMO players.

It always catches you off guard, showing at the least convenient time and giving you no chance to fight back.

Lag is a bully. High ping is a coward. They need to be stopped. How many people suffer daily from their abuse? If we rise up, we’ll be an army against lag. And an army needs the ultimate weapon: ExitLag.


ExitLag Free Trial

An easy-to-use software with its roots in MMORPGs, ExitLag has an array of powerful tools against lag, high ping, and packet loss. With servers on the 5 continents and an ever-growing library of 300 games and counting, ExitLag is your new companion to explore new worlds and create powerful characters, all without lag. It’s time to dominate bosses, raids and PvP with smooth gameplay and no connection issues.

ExitLag has a lot of tools and features to get rid of lag. Check them out:

– Servers in the five continents

To ensure no lag wherever you are, wherever your data needs to go.

– Multipath Connection

Why have more than one route available? Simple: should one fail, the others will keep up the work, and you’ll never notice.

– IPV6 Support

The newer and faster Internet Protocol will ensure smooth gameplay.

– FPS Boost

A tool that tweaks your OS so your games can run not only without lag, but with more frames.

– Traffic Shaper

Give priority to what should have priority. Traffic Shaper gives you the power to arrange data traffic and put your game – or whatever you like – at the top.

Why suffer from lag ever again? It’s time to speed up your connection and be as powerful as you can be, with ExitLag. Go to exitlag.com and register now for a 3-day free trial, with no credit card required. Your game will never be the same.

This post is sponsored by ExitLag.

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